Welcome to our Black History Celebration

Mama C’s Tiny concert honoring a living legend – Dr Tolbert Small – The People’s Doctor! 50 years of dedicated service to the communities of the Bay!

“The legendary physician, poet, social activist and humanist” — these words have been used to describe Tolbert Small. He has worked as the leading physician for the Oakland-based Black Panther Party, setting up their national sickle cell anemia foundation and the George Jackson free clinic. Pro Bono, he cared for all the rank and file party members, including all of the leadership. Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, George Jackson, and David Hilliard were all his close friends, comrades, and patients. He was known as “the people’s doctor” and he is now also known as the doctor’s doctor.

Come join us in the celebration: February 23rd (last Sunday of the month)

Place: The Niebyl Proctor Marxist Library/Community Center

6501 Telegraph Ave Oakland

Time: 3-5:30 pm

Tickets: 510-517-0150, $20/adult, $10/children